Chairman 's speech:

As soon as I attended the management symposium and recalled the advice of a consultant, "more often than not, we find it somewhat difficult to put the words that are 'who are we?' - agree at this moment while writing this founder's letter and let me make this attempt. Looking back I would say with confidence that I have reached where I am today because of my hard work, commitment and above all the support of my team. With us whether it is our valued customers or joint ventures who provide services to us. Always we go an extra Nana mile to achieve mutual profit for all.


Raja Alsuhaim

About Al Suhaimi Company::

Al Suhaimi provides a full range of Managed Manpower Services, Technical Operations and Maintenance, including Seismic Support Services, Construction Support Services, Marine Services, Industrial Refrigeration Support Services, Landscaping, Civil Engineering, Pipeline Support Services, Water Injection Services, Water quantity support services, industrial and environmental cleaning, drilling of boreholes, irrigation systems support services, industrial and commercial coatings, camp construction, shopping malls, hotels, palace renovation, and skilled workforce.

Tank Cleaning, Repairing & Painting Services, Hydraulic Jet & Dump Trucks Services, Industrial Mechanical Maintenance, Heat Treatment Services
Cleaning, repair and painting services
Tanks, Hydraulic Jetting & Dump Trucks, Painting & Blasting Services, Insulation Services, Industrial Mechanical Maintenance, Heat Treatment Services
The work of chartered vessels includes provision of one or more vessels
These services include pipe replacement, bushing, retrofitting and other support services. These services include drilling, reinforcing, packaging, and cleaning of pipes for inspection laying of supports,welding, sandblasting or red agate, impregnation, covering, coating and packaging, installation of pipe, concrete and asphalt supplies, implementation of backfilling and installation of barriers for in situ protection.

Drilling and maintenance of wells:

Motorized drilling systems, product combustion services, catering and cleaning services, drilling pipe protection equipment, offshore dam and abandonment, paving access to well site, drilling downhole equipment rental, drilling rigs and mobile worker camping services, waterline services, wellhead cleaning services - Well control services as well as water well drilling